Living Healthy Lives By Choice

The way to stay healthy and disease-free for the rest of your life. If you think it’s not feasible, then you’ve already overcome your purpose. But if you think it’s possible, then I would like to tell you that it’s can happen, and it’s happening. I will tell you and explain how you can make it happen for you, as it’s for me and many others. Listen to me carefully, we’re healthy by design and ill by default! Living a healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice we make daily from the things we do, the food that we eat and drink, and the total life we live.

I am going to demonstrate how you can live a lively, vibrantly healthy life. The way to live your entire life and never get sick, and just how to do all this without surgery or drugs. The way to look like you’ve discovered the secret of the fountain of youth. If we don’t understand the reason behind something, it nearly impossible to repair it. So, we’ve got t0 first explore what’s making us so ill, and I am sure a few reasons which are making us ill might surprise you.

To put it in the very basic and state, there are just two reasons why a person becomes sick. You”grab” something, meaning, your body picks up a germfree, normally a bacteria or a virus. That will happen because something has gone wrong on your systems, causing some imbalance. Something isn’t working as it should, and a disease or an illness grows. Cases are cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, acid reflux, arthritis, etc..

Do not forget that our focus is living healthy, so today, let’s dig a bit deeper into both of these causes of illnesses and diseases. And I’ll begin with the primary cause of grabbing something. We mentioned before that’s either a bacteria or a germ causing the issue. But look at this fact, the air is filled with these little and many times invisible creatures. Have you ever ask why a few people in exactly the exact same environment where others who pick up the germ and they’re fine!

Do not tell me everyone is composed differently, and you’ll quickly understand why this argument can’t stand the test of daily. I said earlier that we’re healthy by design, meaning, our bodies are designed to fight off those germs and germs which are bombarding us daily. That inbuilt apparatus is known as the Immune System that has two basic functions that are very important to the survival of the individual. The Immune System is for the identification of all sorts of micro-organisms and overseas bodies that are potentially harmful to the person.

The Immune System is also for the destruction of those micro-organisms, substances or foreign bodies. Our Immune System could be weakened from Various ways, and these are some of the most common: A. Under or malnourishment that’s a deficiency of essential nutrients such as vitamins and a few trace elements. C. Chemotherapy that comes in the form of anti-cancer medication E. Dieting contains the foods that contribute in special ways to the proper functioning of this Intricate Immune F. AIDS: Is the Immune System deficiency brought on by a viral attack on your body’s defense mechanisms.

Let me remind you of those 2 reasons why people get ill: You capture something and your body can’t fight it off, as a result, your body gives in to the germs. Your body develops something is genetically weak regions. In both of the above cases, the causes are the same. once we consider those two basic causes of illnesses, we can conclude that all sicknesses come from one or a combination of four items. This is exactly what Kevin Trudeau in one of his books called: “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” said about why we get ill.

These are the four fundamental reasons Kevin give for all sicknesses: People get sick because they have a lot of toxins in their bodies were suffering from nutritional deficiencies, meaning that our cells aren’t getting enough nutrients in their proper proportions. We’re exposed to and negatively influenced by Electromagnetic Chaos (EMC).

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